The police in Edo state have arrested a couple who allegedly assaulted a pastor for making love advances towards the wedded woman.

The two are also said to have stripped the pastor naked, made recordings of his nudity and threatened to release it online if he refuses to pay the sum of N10 million to them.

The pastor was invited by the couple to pray for their new home. On reaching the house, the pastor was attacked, beaten and stripped naked and filmed. The couple threatened to release the video if he refused to give them N10 million. The couple and the other assailants also withdrew the sum of N800, 000 from his account.

According to the couple, the pastor had made passes on the wife and they decided to teach him a lesson by inviting him over and beating him up.

He told the police and media men that the pastor had initially been warned twice, but he was persistent in his love proposal.

They hatched a plan to invite the pastor over under the guise of dedicating their new home under anointing.

On reaching the house, the husband and four of his friends attacked the pastor, beat and stripped naked while they filmed. They are also said to have withdrawn N800,000 from his two ATMs.

The pastor, after the assault, reported the matter to the police, hence their arrest.