The United Denominations originating from the Lighthouse Group of Churches led by Bishop Dag Heward-Mills pulled what is arguably the largest crowd at the Independence Square at their Good Friday Church Services.
The service, dubbed the ‘Good Friday Miracle Service’, is the fourth in a series since the LCI initiated the annual programme in 2015.Hundreds of buses drove in hundreds of thousands of people from all over the capital city and elsewhere for the massive service, which was both solemn and joyful, packed with power, healing, miracles, worship, dance and songs in gratitude to Jesus for his death on the cross.

It was a sea of red, black and white at the square as members were joined by family and friends to give praise to God for sending Jesus to come die for “our” sins.
The choir alone numbered up to 9,000, while a 5,000-member dance group, comprising of the various Dancing Stars groups from various branches were also on hand to deliver energetic and inspiring dances to God’s glory.
The founder and presiding Bishop of the church, Bishop Dag Heward-Mills led the teeming crowd to pray for Ghana’s political and spiritual leadership. The congregation prayed for mercy and grace for the leaders of the country and for all in authority, after which ardent prayer was offered for the salvation of 2 million people in every country worldwide.
He also declared blessings on the congregation and prayed for healing for the ailing congregants present.
Who is Jesus Christ?
Evangelist Dag Heward-Mills delivered a short sermon titled “Who is Jesus Christ?”, pointing out that Jesus is indeed the way, the truth and the life and light of the world.
Following the message, the Bishop prayed for the congregation and unclean spirits came out of many and they were set free, while others were healed of various diseases, of which they gave testimonies right there.

A seventy-one year-old man testified with joy as he explained that his blurred vision had been healed and he saw clearly, while a woman who could not walk for two years came forward with her daughter and testified that she could now walk.
Another lady who had vaginal discharge said after the prayer for healing, she felt something come out of her and that she felt free.
For six years one man who had not been able to eat said he was able to swallow a sausage roll without throwing up. His wife was there to confirmed. In her account, she said prior to the service, she had a dream. In the dream, she met the wife of Bishop Dag Heward-Mills who asked her to see Evangelist Dag to pray for him.
After not being able to see since Senior High School, an SHS graduate shared an emotional testimony of how her eyes were able to see after the prayer for healing. The evangelist also prayed that she gain admission as her condition had affected her entry into the university.