Rapper, Medikal has shed light on a past encounter with fellow artiste M.anifest which has created animosity between them.

Medikal clarified that his issue was not with M.anifest but with another rapper, Strongman, with whom he had engaged in a lyrical battle.

However, during the exchange, Strongman collaborated with M.anifest, who indirectly referenced Medikal in a verse.

The line in question, “w’ani nkum a wo se omo ada” (meaning they aren’t sleepy, stop claiming they are dozing off), from M.anifest’s verse, caught Medikal off guard as he had no prior confrontation with the seasoned rapper and held him in high esteem as a senior in the industry.

In response, Medikal penned a counter diss track, which further escalated tensions between himself and M.anifest.

Despite their differences, they were later approached for a collaboration with another artiste, to which both initially agreed.

However, when M.anifest learned of Medikal’s involvement in the project, he reportedly requested that his verse be taken out, expressing his reluctance to collaborate with him in any capacity.

Medikal expressed surprise at M.anifest’s decision, feeling that their disagreement was not that deep to warrant such a drastic response.

Despite the setback, Medikal remains optimistic about future collaborations and hopes to mend fences with M.anifest.