I have delved into the UT and Capital banks liquidation due to how the whole matter is unfolding.
For me, it is very hard to believe the whole stories, especially, the story behind the Capital Bank because of the personality and shareholders that are involved.
I would want to avoid the story of the UT Bank because I do not have much information about it and the persons involved, not talk much on it.
But I would want to delve into the Capital Bank because of the personalities involved who command respect in Ghana.
Before I proceed, let me take the opportunity to list some of the shareholders of Capital Bank as at 22nd January, 2015:

  1. Mr. Willaim Ato Essien
  2. Dr. Stephen Enchill
  3. Mr. John Kofi Mensah
  4. Otabil & Associates, Represented by Dr. Mensah Otabil
  5. Mr. Isaac Osah Thompson-Mensah
  6. Mr. Kinsley Attah Ghansah
  7. Mr. Isaac Oheneba Osei Akoto
  8. International Gospel Church represented by Dr. Mensah Otabil
  9. Rev. Edwin Obeng Donkor

The people of Ghana have been made to believe that the aforementioned notable and respected people and companies are behind Capital Bank.
I stand to be corrected, but if indeed these people are the people behind this bank, it will be hard for me to believe the collapse of Capital Bank.
Let me state emphatically that, if it is indeed true they are behind, then they have let all Christian in Ghana down because our values, believe , and faith in God as believers has been compromised by the actions of these notable people.
As a body of Christ, I humbly appeal to our fathers to do all they can to bring this bank back because this is beyond just collapsing of a bank and I cannot imagine the faith of these Christian who always go to the bank, pray every day, because every Capital Bank branch had an auditorium where they pray every day for the bank.
The central bank of Ghana (Bank of Ghana), Capital Bank and the GCB Bank must come again to explain to Ghanaians the true situation of what has happen to Capital Bank because the image and credibility of our father Pastor Mensah Otabil is in serious question, which for me, I do not want to believe that.
How can you claim that somebody like Pastor Mensah otabil, with all the knowledge and wisdom given to him by God, can just sit down for his bank to collapse just like that when members of his church, International Central Gospel Church (ICGC) alone can decide to rescue the bank or choose to save in Capital Bank from facing such liquidation.
We all know the influence of Pastor Otabil in Ghana, Africa, and the world at large and I can confidently say that Pastor Mensah Otabil alone can chose to buy and take over Capital Bank and run it effective and successful.
Someone will say, Pastor Mensah Otabil had only 7% share in the bank, but I can say that, the thinking mind of Pastor Mensah Otabil behind the bank is more than 100% that money cannot be compared to.
Let me humbly once again ask the owners and shareholders of the Capital Bank that, in the interest of their image and credibility, they should come out to explain to Ghanaians because their image is in serious questioning. You may disagree with me on this, but that is a fact on the ground.
I say again with confidence that Pastor Mensah Otabil can take over Capital bank without fear and I therefore ask again that get the needed explanation with the first Capital Bank.
Thank you and God bless you.
Rev. Jonathan Y.D. Blay
Pastor to Parliamentary Christian Fellowship
Producer and Host, Asempa fm



  1. Please you are just beating about the bush . Hit the nail right on the head. They’ve squandered the money . He is a pastor and so perfect being?????? This must tell you how you pastors drain money from your congregations and you shall all surely fall and be disgraced!!!!!!!!!!!! Pastor richer than congregation members insane

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