Comic actor, Lilwin has stirred up a buzz on social media with his heartfelt birthday message to his wife, Serwaa.

In a touching post shared on his social media platforms, Lilwin expressed his deep love and appreciation for his wife whom he described the ‘First Lady of Weezy Empire’.

He reminisced about the moment they met, describing it as a golden opportunity he couldn’t afford to miss.

Lilwin confessed that, he quickly became addicted to her, and getting to know her better only strengthened his conviction that she was meant to be his wife.

As Serwaa celebrates her special day, Lilwin prayed for God’s abundant blessings upon her, wishing her happiness and success beyond measure.

The heartfelt tribute from Lilwin has sparked conversations among fans and followers, with many applauding the actor for his public display of affection and devotion to his wife.

Some have also praised the couple’s strong bond and wished Serwaa a happy birthday filled with love and joy.