Bishop Charles Agyinasare
Bishop Charles Agyinasare

The overseer of Perez Chapel International, Bishop Charles Agyinasare, has defended wealthy pastors who have often been criticised by some members of the public for living affluent lifestyles.

He said some have even gone to the extent of accusing them of extorting monies from their church members to fund their lavish lifestyles.

However, Bishop Agyinasare disagrees that every wealthy man of God is living off his members’ money.

According to him, affluent pastors he knows are genuinely rich through God’s grace.

Responding to why men of God should own private jets on Joy FM’s A Walk with Jesus on Sunday, he said, “there are times we blame people who have jets, please, if they have the money and they can buy it and its not at the expense of anybody please let’s leave them alone….”

Bishop Agyinasare also reckoned why it is always a big deal when a man of God is affluent but people are silent about rich business people who own jets.

“There are times they criticise men of God without even looking at their output without looking at what they are doing…you see there are times we make comparisons and they are not realistic at all,” he said.

According to him, the church will always have needy people who will fall on the support of the church but that should not deter men of God from using their means to work.

“Look as for poor people, there will always be poor people in the church because as some are trained they learn the principles and their lives are being transformed so new people from the streets are coming and because new people are coming, does it mean that what they must do to cause efficiency in the work place they shouldn’t do it?

“So as for the businessman it’s okay to have plane but the pastor it is wrong to have it, why?” he quizzed.

Bishop Agyinsare is a man of means in his own right. He has transformed from a budding young evangelist to oversee the flock of a 14,000 seater Perez chapel International.

He also looks up to his spiritual father, Nigerian man of Bishop David Oyedepo who is worth over $150 million.