Residents of Amanfrom in the Ga South Municipality of the Greater Accra Region are living in fear and panic. 

This follows the constant threats on lives and properties by some hired land guards in the area. 

At a press conference held at Amanfrom Palace on Monday, October 31, 2016 the Stool elders raised eyebrows over the continuous attacks by land guards and warned the Chief of Ngleshie Amanfrom, Charles Akramah Mensah.

Consequently the Stool elders charged the chief to desist from the habit of using land guards to cause foment trouble and disturb the peace of rightful land owners at Amanfrom.

Head of the family of Amanfrom, Nii Armah Okine, who addressed the media on behalf of the family, alleged that Charles Akramah Mensah contracted the services of land guards to destroy a building on a parcel of land near Galelea market.

He disclosed that the thugs also went into the community and vented their anger on innocent residents in the community.

The family expressed disgust at the manner in which Charles Mensah was allegedly using land guards to terrorise the people in the area.

Nii Armah Okine who touched on the land guard attack which took place on October 27 and 28, 2016 explained that the information being circulated in the media about the attacks by one Acquah Benhin, aka King, who claimed to be the principal elder of Amanfrom but has no capacity in Amanfrom was untrue.

He indicated that the incident was in respect of a stool land which is still in the care of the accredited heads because the said “land belongs to one of their family members.”

He added, “the land in question was officially offered to Nii Noi Morton an estate developer, to sell on behalf of the Stool, which he did.

But on October 27, a group of thugs went to the land and demolished structures by the developer, saying the land belongs to one Charles Mensah.”

According to the family head, a report was lodged at Amanfrom Police Station after which some police personnel visited the site but were confronted by the said chief and his thugs to leave the site and upon further threats warned the police not to set foot on the land.

He said on October 28, the Amanfrom Police requested for reinforcement from the Greater Accra Regional Police Command and was granted with a full police force team deployed to the site, and effected the arrest of some of the thugs while others took to their heels.

Nii Armah Okine told the media that when the police arrested the thugs, they confirmed to the police that they were used by Charles Mensah to guard the said land.

Other accredited elders of Amanfrom including Akwaasan Wulomo Nuumo Kankam, Mankralo Nii Armah Kwashie, Dzaasetse Nii Kwaku Botwe and Akramanaa Blafo Nii Armah Boa who also spoke to the media averred that the said Charles Mensah, who claimed to be the chief of the town, had no such capacity, neither does he possess a parcel of land in the area for which he will contract land guards to protect the land.

When Today reached Mr. Charles Mensah for his reaction, he claimed ownership of the said portion of land and provided documentary proof to back his claim.

However, he denied sending thugs/land guards to demolish structures on the land.

He also challenged the so-called elders and chief to provide relevant documents to support their case.