Late Kobe Bryant

A woman has taken to Twitter to share a portrait which she painted of late basketball superstar, Kobe Bryant.

Yellaxoxo took to her page to post a picture of herself standing beside the portrait, which she said she started last year.

“Started last September and couldn’t find it in me to finish after January. Nearly an entire year later, here we are, just in time for Kobe Day. I still don’t feel like you’re done, maybe I never will. Might just keep adding special details and touches to you forever,” she wrote.

The portrait, which displays her amazing artistry, received thousands of compliments from Twitter users who admired how life-like the late Bryant was portrayed.


He died in January this year after a helicopter crash claimed his life along with the life of his 13-year-old daughter, Gianna Bryant, and seven others.

The portrait, as explained by Yellaxoxo, came just in time for Kobe Day, which was celebrated on August 24.

Die-hard fans of the basketball legend, as well as fans of Yella’s work, all took to the comment section to either pay tribute to the late Bryant or compliment the artist on her talent.