More details have emerged about the lady reportedly abducted by dwarfs at Kwawu Asakraka in the Kwawu East District of the Eastern Region and the circumstances surrounding her disappearance.

The lady identified as Sandra Abena Frimpomaa went missing about 6 months ago and was only found at the outskirt of the town in a trance-like state.

Narrating her ordeal to Adom News’ Akwasi Dwamena, she revealed she was in a deep sleep when she was taken by the group of dwarfs.

She claimed she woke up to find herself in a different world, more beautiful than earth.

In her words, “the place was even beautiful than Hon. Bryan Acheampong’s Rock City Hotel and they were humans like us but some of them were like genies and others were dwarfs”

She further narrated how she was fed daily without contribution for food.

Abena Frimpomaa claimed she ate rice mixed with sugar and honey, banana, toffees and biscuits.

Again, she talked about her unwillingness to return when they decided to bring her back.

She explained how she was got married to numerous of the dwarfs, however, she was quick to add that she did not have sexual relations with any of them.

On how she found herself back to her original town, she revealed she woke from another deep sleep to realize she had been brought back without her knowledge.

Following her mysterious encounter, Abena Frimpomaa said she has acquired knowledge of herbal medicine and how to treat various ailments.

Meanwhile Nana Kwaku Mframa, a fetish priest who charged her to control her sexual interest and fight towards curing of diseases that affect humankind.

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