The leadership of the Ghana Association of Medical Laboratory Scientists has directed its members to withdraw all laboratory services effective Monday, May 28.

They are also directed to “observe a half-day fasting and prayer session for the liberation of our noble profession and for the health sector”.

A statement jointly signed by the President of the Association, Dr. Ignatius A. N Awinibuno, and the General Secretary, Michael Amo Omar, said their action is necessitated by threats from some Medical Superintendents and directors.

Services that are expected to be withdrawn will include blood banking,surveys,surveillance and monthly returns into DHIMS 2 among others.

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The association said their earlier plan which they communicated to the public was to progressively work on their demands bearing in mind the need to save lives. That plan, the statement indicated, was destructed by the Medical Superintendents and directors.

“However, instead of the Medical Superintendents and directors (who are supposed to be team leaders of the health systems) to call on the appropriate authorities to attend to our concerns, some of them rather chose to intimidate some of our members to the extent of threatening their lives; of which some reports have been made to the police”, the statement read.

The association also alleged the Medical Superintendents and directors disrespected their profession by contracting non-professionals to do their work in their absence, an act they deem risky.

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“They have also called for illegalities to be perpetuated by asking unlicensed personnel to operate laboratories in our absence as a way of ridiculing our noble profession while subjecting the general public to serious health risks”, it added.

The stated also indicated the actions of the Medical Superintendents and directors do not inure to the benefit of the laboratory scientists, neither does it benefit to the national interest, stressing that the withdrawal of services is to avoid further confrontations.

“It is clear that they do not have our welfare and that of the public at heart”.