Assin Central MP, Kennedy Agyapong

Editor-In-Chief of the New Crusading Guide Newspaper, Abdul Malik Kweku Baako has said he was happy Multimedia Group Limited has filed a petition at the National Media Commission (NMC) against Kennedy Agyapong for his alleged threats against one of their employees.

Speaking on Metro TV’s ‘Good Morning Ghana’ program on Thursday, July 15, the Senior Journalist said there was no room for any politician or anyone to issue threats against a fellow citizen or journalist in a democratic regime as the affected party could use the appropriate channel to address the grievances instead of clamouring for mob justice.

Mr Baako also added that he felt sorry when he heard the Assin North MP, Hon. Kennedy Agyapong was Chair of the Defence and Interior Committee in Parliament, judging from his character traits on related issues of security.

“I don’t know what went into it for members of parliament to do so and I don’t want to sound too personal but I felt really sorry when I heard he was the Chair of such a sensitive position.

“Let’s get to the core of the matter, he appears to have some information in my opinion of dubious validity but it is out in the public space so it is for the agency of the state that is responsible for investigating that incident, that gruesome assassination of a journalist to invite him.

“If he won’t come voluntarily then bring him there on the law and deal with him there on that matter. So relative to the Ahmed thing and the things he says, I think the Ghana Police have failed, especially the CID. They have failed in dealing with the matter.

“I’m not talking about their failure to unravel the suspects, no, I’m talking about how they have handled the information that this member of parliament has been putting out there consistently.

“This is a gentleman who appears to know who killed who. Yes, in all murders, he appears to know so there’s a certain character trait that appears to be accompanying him in all these matters so maybe one day, somebody will do a psychoanalysis of such a person and this is why I say I’m being careful because if you are not careful, you may stray and go into things which may be perceived as personal attacks and especially in my case somebody will say I’m motivated by some reasons so bottom line, Ghana Police, particularly CID should know that they’re not handling this information that the member of parliament has been putting out there in a professional and diligent manner and also, this wouldn’t be the first time Mr Agyapong’s comment is referred to the Parliament’s Privileges Committee,” He stated as part of his submission on the programme with host, Dr Randy Abbey.