Popular Ghanaian fetish priest, Kwaku Bonsam, has named his newborn son after BET award winner, Sarkodie.

The spiritualist has since given reasons for his action.

The ‘spiritual doctor’ welcomed a son on the 1st of February, 2020 and named the baby boy Michael Owusu Addo Sarkodie.

Perplexed by his decision, social media users questioned him on why he did not name his son after himself but Sarkodie.

In his response on his a Facebook live video, Kwaku Bonsam explained that Sarkodie was a talented and hardworking artiste who fought for the music industry and as such, was hopeful his child would grow to be responsible like him.

As spiritual as he is, Kwaku says he believes names have special effects on children, the reason he chose a responsible character for his ‘authentic’ baby.


He explained that his decision was also informed by Sarkodie’s respect for him as he has acknowledged him in one of his songs.

About two years ago, Kweku Bonsam named his daughter after ‘Dancehall king’ Shatta Wale and explained that he did so out of his personal love for Shatta and his music.

The die-hard Shatta Wale fan as he describes himself, named his daughter Yaa Bonsam Shatta in April 2018.