Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST)
Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST)

“All aside, in moments like this, the SRC is not supposed to be a toothless bulldog but a strong arm of Student Interest advocacy. The SRC is supposed to use the over 80,000 Students population as a negotiation tool and not shortlisting and interviewing Students on criteria best known to them.”

This was part of a statement issued by the KNUST Students’ Parliament, questioning SRC measures’ genuineness in attending to students’ needs.

“What happens to the students who couldn’t make the shortlists? The SRC in this particular moment is operating below the belt,” it further explained.

The statement was signed by the Speaker of Parliament of the students, Shamuna Suleman Gmakani.

According to the students’ Parliament, the Students Representative Council has failed students on its core mandate of representation.

“The SRC is not expected to at a time like this, be shortlisting names and making part payments for just a select few when it is evidently clear the SRC is not in a position to make any significant payment for even the shortlisted applicants.”

It says that, two weeks after the introduction of the SRC Financial Aid, the process to settle the few selected persons has not yet been finalized, indicating that SRC that has not yet delivered the KBN and the SRC bursary halfway through the academic semester whose processes were initiated last academic year is not one to be trusted to deliver swiftly on a financial aid bound by deadlines.

Though the students’ parliament suspects some students might have pocketed their money and spent or gambled with them, they want the University to contact guardians and parents of students to confirm whether fees were given to them or not.

 Below is the full statement