Legendary musician K K Fosu has revealed to upcoming artistes secrets to longevity in the Ghanaian Creative Arts industry.

In the eyes of the highlife artiste, success and relevance in music goes beyond talent, listing submissiveness to management as a key factor.

Speaking on Adom TV‘s weekend entertainment show Ahosepe Xtra, KK Fosu told host Black I that the understanding of the genre to pursue and its laid-down structure will enable the artiste to make songs that can dominate that sphere.

He added that in making songs, a visionary artistes must create pieces that will appeal to the audience years on, even when that genre is outdated.

He referenced some highlife songs from veterans including Amakye Dede, Daddy Lumba, Kwabena Kwabena, which he said can cause music-lovers to rise to their feet and sing along even when they are being played in clubs and other contemporary settings.

Aside the song, KK Fosu made mention of management. He tipped artistes to associate with like-minded people who would love them beyond work relationship.

He remarked that artistes must have target-oriented team who will effectively meet up the responsibilities they have been assigned to, educating that with constant promotion, songs will be embedded in the memories of fans.

The Anadwo Yede composer also touted submissiveness on the part of the song makers. This, he said, is the key to maintaining the love fans exhibit for artistes.

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