Ghanaian singer and songwriter, King Promise, has achieved a remarkable feat as his hit track “Terminator” found its way into the spotlight in an unexpected place – the dressing room of LaLiga’s renowned football club, FC Barcelona.

A video clip capturing the euphoric atmosphere in FC Barcelona’s dressing room showcased the players preparing for a match while King Promise’s chart-topping hit “Terminator” played in the background.

The video was shared on La Liga’s official Instagram page, boasting an impressive following of over 46 million users.

The unexpected presence of King Promise’s music in the space of one of the world’s most iconic football clubs has not only delighted fans of the artiste but has also added to the international recognition of his talent.

“Terminator” has gained widespread acclaim for its catchy beat and impactful lyrics as well as it’s dance challenge on TikTok.

In reaction, King Promise acknowledged the club for promoting his craft which adds another noteworthy milestone to his growing list of accomplishments.