King Ayisoba/ Photo by Joseph Crawford

If you are a music lover and a fan of King Ayisoba’s I want to see you my father song then you have probably been singing the song, wrong.

The musician who hails from the Northern part of Ghana and rose to fame on the back of his kologo genre made an important correction to parts of his lyrics in the song.

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Speaking in an interview with Neat FM, King Ayisoba, said even though the popular lyrics on the lips of most people is “I want to see you, my father,” the right lyrics are “I want to sue you, my father.”

The music video tells it all as a young lad was seen advising his dad to stop chasing ladies outside his marital home because they were extorting money from him.

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In relation to his frustration, the lad then threatens his dad with a lawsuit for neglecting him.

Watch the video below:

Source: | Dennis K. Adu