Kim Kardashian Sues Makeup App for $10 Million for Stealing Photo
Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian says her image is worth more than $10 million, and that’s why she’s suing a makeup app for allegedly jacking one of her pics.

Kim claims in the new lawsuit, obtained by TMZ, iHandy used a 2017 photo of her to promote a makeup and beauty manipulation app.

What’s especially galling to Kim is, the photo was one she used to promote her own beauty line.

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Kim’s lawyer scoffed at iHandy’s defense saying that it had no idea it was Kim in the picture they used.

The lawsuit says, “Defendant claim, absurdly, as its alleged defense … that they didn’t know that the unlicensed, unauthorized photo they knowingly stole and misappropriated was that of [Kim Kardashian West] … one of the most famous and recognizable women in the world.”

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According to the lawsuit, Kim’s lawyer claims iHandy “even had the audacity to threaten [Kim Kardashian West] not to bring claims against them for their blatant infringement, or they would go after her.”

The app in question offers “perfect selfies with professional beauty and body retouch tools, including face life, smooth, concealer, slim and more.”

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As for why she’s suing for $10 million plus, the lawsuit says it includes the cost of licensing her photo and using her likeness. She also wants them to cough up any profit they made from using her photo.