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The 83-year-old man kidnapped in the Bunkprugu/Nakpanduri district has escaped from captivity, his family has confirmed to JoyNews.

According to the family, the man fled from his captives on Tuesday.

The victim, KonYan Yariban, was taken hostage last week on witchcraft allegation by a group of people. They had accused him of having a hand in the death of their family relative.

He denied the allegation but the family insisted he must face a witchdoctor.

And after several failed frantic efforts, the man was kidnapped on August 3 and allegedly taken to a notorious camp in Togo where all his family members were barred from having access to him.

The family after Mr Yariban’s kidnap called on the District Police Commander and the IGP to help them find him.

Speaking to JoyNews’ Eliasu Tanko the 89-year-old, who is now with his family, said he was physically tortured and fed with blood concoctions before he submitted and gave false confessions.

The eldest son of the victim, Nathaniel Yariban, said the 89-year-old has been examined, treated and for security reasons relocated to another village.

This development comes after his family made an agreement with the abductors to pay a ¢600 ransom.

He stated that the money according to his father narrations was supposed to be used to complete the rituals which determines whether the man was innocent or not.

The family after seeing KonYan Yariba said they will not pay the ransom demanded.

Nathaniel Yariban added that police in the district has been informed of the new development but the family has been referred to the regional police command.