kennedy agyapong
Kennedy Agyapong

Ghanaian legislator, Kennedy Agyapong, says he has no intention of taking back his daughter despite a much-publicised apology for her waywardness on Father’s Day.

Anell Agyapong in a post on Facebook said she was sorry for being a source of ridicule for her father.

She posted: “Dear Daddy, My waywardness has become the cause of your ridicule, which can tarnish your integrity and image, and I implore your forgiveness. I’ve made better choices now and will continue to.

“Please Daddy, if one day you still find me worthy as your daughter, kindly have mercy on me and deliver me from myself.”

However, it appears the pleas of the ‘prodigal daughter’ have fallen on deaf ears.

Mr Agyapong in an interview on Atinka TV, reported by, said he is no longer going to pay her fees and would rather use the funds to solicit a sex worker who has AIDS.

The Assin Central Member of Parliament said he was done with forgiving his daughter who is now an adult.

It would be recalled that the legislator in an interview on Oman FM said he was thrilled that his daughter had gone astray in life and become a drug addict.

According to him, he did all he could to make her successful in life but she was rather interested in cocaine and being a philanderer.

He said he was devastated when she dropped out of California Institute of Architecture after he had paid a $42,000 tuition fee for that semester.

Mr Agyapong added that he heard recently that she wanted $30,000 to attend Ohio State University but he was not going to pay because he had spent $168,000 on her education without accruing any benefit.

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