Assin Central Member of Parliament, Kennedy Agyapong, says he is happy one of his daughters has gone astray in life after she failed to listen to his advice.

According to him, he did all he could to make sure she is successful in life but she rather patronised drugs and sleeping around with men for fun.

In an interview, sighted by on social media, Mr Agyapong narrated how it all happened:

I discipline my children and always let them know how I started life. I allow you to do a lot of things but if you don’t listen, it’s up to you.

One of my kids has ‘crashed’ … I get happy anytime I think about it. I took her to SOS and she passed but she dropped out of school. She is always doing what I don’t like.

She could jump over a wall to go and sleep with a Nigerian guy and the school authorities told me about it. She calls men to sleep with them so I don’t want her to come to me at all.

She dropped out of school and she didn’t tell me until I was in a flight going to China. What pained me was I had paid 42,000 dollars and she left the school three weeks later. When one of her Chinese roommates inspected her room, he saw the cocaine she had been sniffing.

She loves men too much. Recently I heard she wants 30,000 to go to Ohio State meanwhile I took her to California Institute of Architecture. I paid for three years and she stopped.

I heard she is pleading that she had done associate degree and wants to continue. You went for three years and you dropped.

He said he put together the remaining fees to buy himself a Bentley.

That was 164,000 dollars and that’s how I bought my Bentley, he revealed.