The Finance Minister, Ken Ofori-Atta, has said that the passing of the Electronic transaction levy (e-levy) would make it possible for accountability.

Speaking at a Townhall meeting in Sekondi on Wednesday, he said the e-levy “makes all of us responsible for protecting the public purse.

“We will be reminded to ensure that we use this money well and the issue of protecting the public purse becomes paramount to us,“ he added.

According to the Finance Minister, taxpayers are entitled to a moral authority “to be able to require certain performances from the political elites.”

He, therefore, urged taxpayers to take up the task to hold political elites accountable when the tax is passed.

Mr Ofori-Atta also highlighted certain things the e-levy would constitute of.

According to him, the E-levy will not cover: Cumulative transfers of GHS 100 per day made by the same person, transfers between accounts owned by the same person, transfers for the payment of taxes, fees, and charges on the platform, electronic clearing of cheques, specified merchant payment and transfers between principal master agent, and agents accounts.