James Agalga

The Minority in Parliament is set to file a motion for a parliamentary inquiry into the killing of Albert Donkor in Nkoranza.

The Ranking Member on the Defence and Interior Committee of Parliament, James Agalga, said given that the deceased did not die while being held in police custody, he believes the police are trying to cover up the matter which has since led to tensions in Nkoranza in the Bono East Region.

According to him, a parliamentary probe will be critical in unravelling the truth of the matter and helping to restore calm in the area.

“The report clearly does not speak to the fact that Albert Donkor died in police custody and for me, that is the beginning of the cover-up, and I am not amused at all. We will take steps to file yet another motion,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Nkoranza South Member of Parliament, Emmanuel Agyekum is worried about the increasing cases of the Ghana Police Service killing citizens suspected to have engaged in one crime or the other without due legal process.

He feared the practice of extrajudicial killings is gradually becoming a norm in the country.

Two persons have died in Nkoranza, alleged to have been killed by police officers.

The first, Albert Donkor is said to have been killed by some police officers who picked him up last week in a private vehicle after he mentioned among friends that he had seen a police officer involved in a robbery incident.

A student, Victor Kwadwo Owusu was also allegedly killed by police while the youth of Nkoranza were protesting over the alleged killing of Albert Donkor.