Charles Cardinal, Trobu Constituency

In recent times, various people have expressed concern about the retrogressive nature of our country’s development amidst the abundant resources available to the managers of the economy.

We have seen in the past how quickly self-acclaimed economists jumped on the hill as a paragon of economic knowledge to criticise others of being incompetent in the management of the country’s development.

In principle, these paragons have clearly shown that, they lack the basic rudiments and understanding of actually what comprises development now that they have the mandate of the people.

For almost four years they have been amazing in siphoning the potentials of the people and have soaked themselves in corrupt activities to enrich themselves, their friends and family members to the detriment of the poor citizen.

What we do know is that, good leaders use the potentials of a country to benefit the citizens so that, the people can be content and happy in terms of their progress and material well- being.

This is what defines the leader, John Mahama. The leader who, in my opinion, laid a crucial foundation towards the development of our country Ghana since Nkrumah’s administration.

The presence of physical infrastructure, including good roads across the country, bridges, hospitals, railway lines, schools, communication systems, building of dams for irrigation systems in his first term constitute physical development he envisioned for this take – off.

It is evident also that, despite the numerous strides he made in infrastructure development, John Mahama has shown leadership in the establishment of manufacturing industries, reliable transport, and communication systems which jointly facilitated rapid socio – economic well – being of the people.

With the launching of the NDC’s manifesto, it is clear the agenda of development spearheaded by a new NDC government is going to take care of our basic needs including the provision of clean water, education and educational facilities, shelter and healthcare delivery services, which are all crucial to a ‘man’s life’.

John Mahama’s government will be responsible for making them available to the people, irrespective of their political leanings.

We as Ghanaians have an opportunity to escape from poverty and oppression so that we can gain control over our destiny. This is real development.

Infact a John Mahama government will mark the continuation of the provision of our basic social services and amenities, which are evenly distributed to cater for the greater majority of the nation’s population and enhance their quality of life.

To simply put it, there will be affordable houses for all, higher income for workers and new workers(*OKADA), good educational facilities and opportunities for all, sufficient quality food for all, a cleaner environment, equality of opportunities to employment and promotion of greater individual freedoms and above all a richer cultural life.

It is also abundantly clear that, John Mahama’s government will not only concern themselves with increasing national income but also will take steps to narrow the widening economic and social conditions that exist between the centre and the periphery.

Again John Mahama’s government will endeavor to assist rural communities to make proper use of the resources rather than draining such resources to create good living conditions for a few family members at the centre.

And completely unlike the frivolous attempts made by the current administration at promoting rapid socio – economic development through various development programmes but where the life of the ordinary people continue to deteriorate.

This unfortunate situation results from the fact that development programmes over the years appear abstract to those whose life they are expected to influence positively.

Arising out of these unfortunate circumstances, I am, and like many others, are happy for the NDC and John Mahama for leading the way, particularly in the area of promoting the quality of human life, which has shifted from the traditional ” top – down approach to a focus on ” our developmental needs.

By so doing, they have first provided opportunities and consulted and involved us – the people for whom specific projects and programmes are meant for.

When opportunities are created to allow people to participate in the process of development, the people become happy, because the resources belong to them.

They will own and share in the fruits of the labour. That is the only way development can become sustainable for future generations.

The reason many opportunities like OKADA legalization and regulations are coming up to create thousands of jobs in the economy.

The December 7th election is about our future. Our future determined on the path of our development – physical, economic, social, cultural and technological.

It is for this reason we must vote for a leader who understands our future development and not a mere rhetorician who has been singing without finding fit on the job.

It is a communal duty to vote massively for the nation builder; the JohnandJane ticket to prevent the mortgaging of our future destiny.


Charles Cardinal, Trobu Constituency