John Kumah

Member of Parliament (MP)-elect for Ejisu constituency, John Kumah, is calling for an amendment of the Common Fund Act.

He wants the disbursement of the Common Fund to be amended to give MPs equal powers as Municipal/Metropolitan/District Chief Executives (MMDCEs) in spending the funds.

This, Mr Kumah explained, will ease the pressure on MPs who are expected to do majority of the developmental projects in the area.

“MPs should be given 50 percent, Assembly members 20%, chiefs 10% and the remaining 20% for the MMDCEs to manage the Assembly,” he proposed during an interview on Asempa FM’s Ekosii Sen programme Friday.

District Assemblies Common Fund is the formula-based system of financial transfers for local development from the Central Government.

MPs receive about six tranches of funds for health, education and other commitments. But the money allegedly ends up in their personal accounts for political campaigns at the expense of the welfare of constituents.

Based on this backdrop, the District and Municipal Chief Executives are put in charge to ensure the monies are put to good use.

But Mr Kumah said most of the MMDCEs take advantage of this to frustrate the MPs.

“If the MMDCEs or DCE has political ambition, you are doomed. They will ensure you don’t get the money to work in the constituency,” he noted.

Aside the Common Fund, the Ejisu MP-elect also proposed a Constituency Welfare Fund for legislators to respond to the demands of the community like funerals, healthcare and others.

Mr Kumah said many MPs lost their seats because they failed to focus on petty needs of their constituents.

 “We should prioritse the happiness and social needs of the people together with the projects to maintain our seats,” Mr Kumah advised.