The District Chief Executive (DCE) of Jasikan Assembly in the Volta Region, Lawrence Kwami Aisle has sacked his driver over what he described as gross insubordination.
Frank Afriyie claimed his boss has severed ties with him after his bold decision to retaliate a “hefty slap” he gave him.
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Justifying his decision to return the slap, the driver told Joy News’ Elton Brobbey Monday he did not like the ungrateful manner his boss treated him in front of residents.
He said the DCE had instructed him, on a rainy day, to pick up a friend’s girlfriend who was visiting from another town.
On his way back, the vehicle developed a mechanical fault which delayed them for some time. But the DCE’s friend was displeased with him when he arrived on the scene.
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He ordered him to hand over the car key but he refused.
Mr Afriyie said his boss was summoned to the scene and instead of asking about what happened, his first reaction was to slap him.
“If you don’t want to work with me again, [tell me and] I will give you your key but I am not your child,” he told Elton.
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While the hefty slap was transmitting vibrations through his head, Mr Afriyie regained some balance and retaliated.
“I gave him a heavy slap,” he told the reporter, saying he was immediately sent to the police station after that.
But Mr Aisle has dismissed the claim as false, saying he did not trade slaps with his driver as has been reported.
“I didn’t slap him and he didn’t slap me [but] Frank has been involved in drunk behaviour [and] on the day I asked him to go and drop some visitors, I received calls that he was driving on top speed,” he countered.
He said the constant recklessness of Mr Afriyie on Jasikan’s streets is “disgracing and bringing the image of the assembly into disrepute.”
“Enough is enough,” Mr Aisle said in a response to a question about why he dismissed his driver.