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The Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) for Jaman South in the Bono region, Andrews Bediako, is alleged to have squandered internally generated funds.

According to reports, he allegedly spent over GH¢13,000 on expensive alcoholic drinks in just two months.

The drinks include Jack Daniels, Black and Red Label, Johnny Walkers, Hennessey, Cognac and Red win.

The youth in the area are up in arms with the Jaman South MCE for using monies meant for development to finance his “extravagant lifestyle”.

A leader of the group, Naaba Adongo, revealed this in an interview on Adom FM’s morning show, Dwaso Nsem programme Monday.

He claimed staff of the Assembly, who leaked the invoice to them, are peeved the MCE is “living like an Arabian king”.

Mr Adongo, who is also the Deputy Communications Director of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) in Jaman South, said they lack development, hence their protest to ensure the right thing is done.

“We will demonstrate to ensure accountability. We won’t allow the MCE to blow our money on alcohol,” he opined.

As a matter of urgency, Mr Adongo said they will petition the Special Prosecutor to investigate the matter.

In a quick rebuttal, the Finance Officer for Jaman South Municipal Assembly, Peter Abgeblewu, said the allegation is borne out of mischief.

He explained that, buying drinks for MCE has been a standard practice, hence Mr Bediako cannot be accused of squandering the Assembly’s cash.

The Municipal Finance Officer noted that, all the drinks bought amounted to about GH¢6,000 and not the over GH¢GH¢13,000 quoted by the group.

“These people have gone to all the radio stations in Jaman South with this issue. They are just spewing pure lies to sway the minds of the people,” Mr Abgeblewu he fumed.

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