GB Foods Ghana, one of the leading FMCG companies in Ghana and manufacturers of Gino and Pomo range of products have named multiple award-winning actress and actor, Jackie Appiah and AdjeteyAnang as Brand Ambassadors.  

The unveiling of the two is in consonance with the brand’s vision of associating with personalities that exude its persona and character.

Mr. David Afflu, the Managing Director of GB Foods Ghana indicated his pleasure at the signing of two Ghanaian actors whose careers have influenced many Ghanaians.

Jackie Appiah with executives of GB Foods Ghana

He said, “The signing on of these ambassadors we believe will mark a new phase of our journey. It is a reflection of our commitment to excellence and celebrating Ghanaian success stories.  We foresee bigger and better things to come following this partnership.”

The Marketing Director of GB Foods Ghana, AkuaObiri-Yeboah, stated that “at GB Foods, we are all about celebrating local flavours, these two, AdjeteyAnang and Jackie Appiah are known brands that inspire confidence in many Ghanaian homes and excite their following.We at GB Foods are happy to be associated with them.

Jackie Appiah signing to be an ambassador for GB Foods Ghana

“Jackie Appiah and Adjetey Anang indeed bring such vibrancy to the GB Foods brand. We are confident they will help drive the increased uptake of our brands” she added.

Speaking on being signed on as a Brand Ambassador, Jackie said, “It is an absolute joy to be a brand ambassador for a top brand like Gino. This partnership is about mutual growth, benefits and, a much-needed value to the Ghanaian consumer”. 

Adjetey Anang with executives of GB Foods Ghana

On his part, Adjetey said,” I am happy to be a part of GB Foods brand journey, together we will make a positive impact on the Ghanaian society”.

Both Jackie and Adjetey have admirable acting careers and they are seen as mentors and inspiration for many Ghanaians. Both are without a doubt, the best in their fields. The move towards this partnership is to reaffirm the GB Foods brand positioning as a market leader in the hearts and minds of the Ghanaian consumer.

Adjetey Anang signing to be an ambassador for GB Foods Ghana

This memorable event took place on Monday, 4thOctober,2021,  within the premises of GB Foods Headquarters at Atlantic Towers; Airport City in Accra. 

Adjetey Anang with executives of GB Foods Ghana