Ex Hearts of Oak talisman Bernard Don Bortey has disclosed that he has never used “juju” to enhance his football career and has no such plans of using anything of the sort in the game.
Bortey, who now wishes to be called ‘The Humble Lion’ instead of the litany of nicknames he had during his heyday, added that he is a christian and does all what is required of him as a good Christian hence his disbelief in ‘juju’.
“I have never used juju to enhance my playing career. I don’t even believe that juju works in football. What is paramount for every player is training and it’s a pre-requisite for success as a player. I’m a christian hence I don’t believe in juju since it’s against the teachings of the religion.” Bortey said.
Speaking in an interview on Happy FM’s Anopa Bosuo Sports, the 34-year old attacker expressed disappointment with his formal club Accra Hearts of Oak for not paying him the debt they owe him. “I’m still in touch with them and they have promised to pay me the debt they owe me. I can’t say anything ill about them despite them owing me such a huge amount of money, because they are the reason for who I am today.”. He hinted.
He emphasised on Happy FM that he is still strong and still has the ability and passion to play football even at the highest level since age is just a number.
On the team he fancies to play for, he said “I will play but will like to play abroad and I have things in place to help me travel abroad to play and I believe I will be back into the Black Stars soon. Locally, the team I look at playing for is Elmina sharks.” Dong Bortey added.
Source: happyghana.com