It is every adult female’s wish to walk down the aisle with ‘Mr Right’ to begin a lifetime journey of companionship, but for Ghanaian singer iOna Reine, that agenda was not to be.

The artiste, who tied knot at just 22 years old, divulged that her whole intent of marriage was to prevent her from “eating around”.

According to her, at that time she was sexually active and did not want to exploit further, hence her decision to accept a marriage proposal from her then 23-year-old lover who she thought was her ‘spec’.

iOna indicated that she did not give the proposal any critical thought because she was following the normal structure society has laid down for adult females.

“At that time I had finished school, Nursing Training, I just felt after school, I was working so what next, marriage. If I just sat down I would have been tattered and you’ll just be eating around and I didn’t like the idea of that. So it’s all part of the reasons I married early.”

Predictably, her marriage ended after five years due to what she said was immaturity and miscommunication.

The Could This Be Love singer has now concluded the best time to marry is after 30.

In an interview with Zionfelix, she added that she has grown to realize the marriage was a bad decision, though she is grateful for the children she birthed during the period

She is not open for marriage, but would wish to have more children for a responsible man.