A leading member of the Convention People’s Party (CPP) who dragged the government to court over its involvement in the construction of the National Cathedral has justified his action.

James Kwabena Bomfe, the applicant, maintains that he is not against the construction of a temple for God; rather, his actions were meant to ensure that all religious sects are given equal opportunity.

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The Supreme Court on Wednesday, January 23, 2019, in a unanimous decision dismissed a case challenging the construction of a National Cathedral in Ghana.

According to the apex court, the construction of such an edifice is in tune with the social and political objectives of the Constitution of Ghana.

The court also said the government’s support does not constitute discrimination against other religious or non-religious groups.

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Reacting to the issue on Adom News, Mr Bomfe said he has accepted the decision of the Apex Court in good faith.

He was happy the issue has become a precedent in Ghana’s jurisprudence and will serve as a guide for future cases.

Kabila, as he is popularly called, said he still stands by his position that Ghana is a secular state and as such, finds it wrong that the state will “excessively entangle itself in any religion or religious practice”.

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Given the Supreme Court ruling, the CPP man stated that the government should be ready to assist should traditional religious bodies also call for a national shrine.

“I’m happy I have been able to ensure interpretation of the matter; the ruling is the position of the Court and I respect it,” Kabila added.