The Dunkwahene, Okoforobour Obeng Nuako III, has expressed frustration over ongoing illegal mining activities in the Offin River.

Once a vital source of clean water and livelihood for the residents of Dunkwa-on-Offin, the river is now heavily polluted due to illegal mining, locally known as galamsey.

Despite ongoing efforts to combat these activities, the Dunkwahene lamented that the environmental damage and adverse effects on local livelihoods persist.

Speaking in an interview with Adom News’ Mohammed Radiu Dinn Rasko at his residence, the Dunkwahene expressed frustration about the slow pace of court proceedings following the arrest of suspects involved in the illegal mining operations and called for prompt and thorough investigations.

He underscored the need to hold the perpetrators accountable for their actions.

The chief also stressed the importance of preserving the Offin River for future generation and urged Ghanaians to adopt a new mindset to foster national development.

Okoforobour Obeng Nuako III believes the current mindset is hindering the progress of the nation, advocating for a culture of hard work, discipline, and patriotism among Ghanaians.