Empress Gifty

Gospel musician, Empress Gifty Adorye, says she is so far satisfied with the government’s work for the Creative Arts industry.

She, however, says there’s still room for more work to be done.

There have been mixed reactions among showbiz personalities, especially after the New Patriotic Party (NPP) launched its 2020 manifesto a couple of weeks ago.

While some have chastised the government for not fulfilling most of the promises made to the Arts industry in their 2016 manifesto, some have also commended it for a good job done.

One of such people is gospel singer Mrs Adorye, who in an interview with Hitz FM’s Noella Kharyne Yalley, said but for a few qualms, she was generally satisfied with the NPP administration’s contributions to the Creative Arts industry.

“For me I will say yes, I’m satisfied but there’s more room for improvement. What I would advise the government to do is to focus on the creative arts. We’re losing a lot.

“We’re losing our integrity, the love, the passion because you put in so much money, but you don’t get it back. Now people don’t buy CD’s, streaming seems to be the ‘ish’ now, so we need a structure or system that will work for us, our royalties, and certain things that can push us,” she said.

She also prayed for the President to take another “look at our industry again, and see what he can do to support us. I think he promised the industry a whole lot of things and I’m really praying that with the few months left to elections, he can do something.”

Early last year, the singer got married to Hopeson Adorye, the Deputy Director for National Security under the NPP.

When asked what she will do in her capacity as the wife of a government official to influence government to help the Arts, she revealed that she plans to “use” her husband who is currently contesting as a parliamentary candidate in the Kpong Katamanso constituency as a means to bring the needed change in the industry.

“Now my husband is an NPP parliamentary candidate for Kpong Katamanso, and I’m hoping and praying that the people will give the mandate to my husband.

“I don’t want to promise, but if my husband wins I’m going to use him to bring a little change. And I’ll be a bit bias towards my gospel people. We’re suffering, it’s very hard to go to the studio, bring out an album and promote it,” she said.