The EC Chair's comments comes after former President Mahama expressed some sentiments last week
John Mahama and Mrs Jean Mensa

The Chairperson of the Electoral Commission, Jean Mensa, has promised to be fair to all political parties and ensure a credible and transparent election on December 7.

According to the EC chairperson, her christian values prevents her from rigging the election in favour of a particular party adding that she will do her utmost best to maintain the credibility Ghana’s election management body has achieved over the years.

“I also have a duty to God and to our country to be an agent of peace. As the head of the Electoral Commission, the signals I send out, be it to our staff, or the public is important as it would have an impact on the election and our nation.

“As a christian, I am a firm believer in the principles that Christ stands for, Justice, Peace and Truth, I am committed to ensuring that these principles are reflected in everything that both I and the commission do, I am committed to being fair to conducting my activities without fear or favour.

“I commit to work and undertake my duties to ensure that it is the will of the people which is the will of God that stands, as an agent of peace I commit to truth and not to alter the will of God. The onus is on me to abide by this principle and God being my guide and helper I am confident that I will not let him and the people of Ghana down in Jesus’ name,” Madam Mensa said on Sunday.

The comments of the EC chair comes days after Mr Mahama cut short his campaign tour of the Bono region on Tuesday because of the “increasing reports of challenges with the voter register and the exhibition process” he got.

The exhibition exercise has been fraught with some anomalies such as duplication of names, missing names and similar serial numbers for different voters, which the former president and the NDC have expressed misgivings about.