File photo: Wedding

1. Getting married for all the wrong reasons!

“You are already in your 30s. When will you get married?” If you have reached an age that society considers ‘marriageable’, you might have heard these words a hundred times, if not more. Sometimes the pressure to tie the knot is so high that many may end up getting married for all the wrong reasons. Let’s look at a few reasons, which are definitely not the right ones to enter into this bond that unites two souls for a lifetime of togetherness.

2. Getting married to get over a broken heart

Yes, you read it right—there are people who do get married to get over a past relationship. To treat marriage like a rehabilitation center for broken hearts can be the worst mistake a man can make.

3. Because you are the eldest of all siblings!

Now, do we even need to explain how Indian parents are anxious to first get their eldest child, especially if it’s their daughter, married because what would society say if the younger one got married first? No wonder, in a family with many siblings, the eldest one is always forced to take the plunge first even if he is ready for it or not.

4. Peer pressure

If you are planning to get married because all your friends are married and a few are already with a couple of kids, you need to change your friends and not your marital status.

5. Because you are running out of time

If your ticking biological clock or the shrinking ovaries are the only reasons why you are taking the plunge, you surely need to reconsider your decision. It’s quite common for people to feel they are running out of time when they reach a certain age. But that does not mean they should marry someone with whom they aren’t compatible. Remember, the slow and steady wins the race.

6. For financial security or social status

Believe it or not, there are people who consider marriage as an option to improve their social status. If you are marrying for financial security, it’s would not take you long to realise that money cannot buy happiness.

7. Because it’s a tradition

A lot of people have done it and many will end up doing it as well—getting married just for the heck of it or because it’s a tradition. It’s not compulsory that everyone has to get married. There are so many people who have stayed single and are happy. Getting married just for the sake of getting married or just because it’s considered a tradition, is perhaps the silliest of all reasons to tie the knot.