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Germany-based Ghanaian, Kwaku Asante, has stated that he will come back to Ghana immediately after he gets a tipper truck to start a business.

In a chat on SVTV Africa, Kweku Asante mentioned that he began his journey in Gabon, Libya where he worked intermittently for a few years before migrating to Turkey. In Turkey, he made the journey to Germany on foot. According to him, he was arrested a couple of times in different countries and spent more than a year in detention.

“We began the journey from Greece to Serbia, then Serbia to Bosnia in a car. But we walked for two days from Bosnia to Croatia through the forest. Then a three-day foot journey from Croatia to Slovenia. We passed through Italy and stayed a few days before leaving for Germany,” he said.

Given this, Mr Asante has decided to only work in Germany for a while despite wishing to settle in his dream country. He indicated that he prefers to live in Ghana more than abroad.

“Even if it will take 20 years to get the capital for my business, I will wait. I want to stay here for at least four years to get the money. I prefer to stay in Ghana. Germany is good, but my destination is Norway or Finland before I come home.

“If I get a truck right now, I’ll come back to Ghana. It costs 30,000 euros, and if I get it, I won’t stay here or go anywhere else but Ghana,” he told DJ Nyaami on Daily Hustle Worldwide.