Stephen Asamoah Boateng has promised to ensure that some New Patriotic Party (NPP) Members of Parliament (MPs) are protected if he becomes Chairman of the party.

The Managing Director of State Interest and Governance Authority attributed the loss of some parliamentary seats to the party’s inability to ensure the right candidates are elected at the various constituencies.

“We know what happened; there were some imposition of candidates. There were some areas the people were not happy with the candidates they were bringing, and the rules were not followed.

“There were areas we should have protected some MPs and should have explained to the party on the ground that this candidate must enter parliament,” he said.

According to the man affectionately called ‘Asabee’, the party needs “a structure, a party leadership with a chairman and a team that can resolve the internal wrangling.”

I'll strategically protect some MPs if elected as NPP Chairman - Asabee

The former Information Minister argued that the protection of parliamentary seats form part of democracy insisting democracy doesn’t always mean voting.

“Sometimes you have to talk to the people and let them know that we need this man or woman in parliament. And we need to convince the party on the ground. If you don’t do that and you impose, that is undemocratic.

“I have been a parliamentarian, so I sometimes understand what the MP’s talk about and also understand why some party people want to go for a contest, but the two minds must meet to have a solution.”

Speaking to JoyNews, Mr Boateng noted that he will devise a mechanism to prevent the imposition of candidates whilst ensuring some experienced MP’s are retained to help run the country.

He explained that “there are some personalities that must enter Parliament not the seat as a seat. You need experienced politicians in the house to help run the country. Even understanding the standing orders is not easy for first-time MPs to go in there to do.

“If they are performing and there’s still somebody behind them trying to undermine, then you need to call the person and tell them we need this person, so why are you challenging him when we can agree?

“I don’t intend to impose anybody, I intend to open up for discussion, and then if voting has to happen, then it happens, but if voting doesn’t have to happen, then I will talk to them for them to agree,” he added.