My insatiable desire for sex cost Maggie her degree

I went to the airport one day to see my sister off. While seated and eating our last meal, a gentleman came to sit at the table next to us. I didn’t look at him at first. My sister said: “I hope this flight doesn’t delay just like it did the other time.” Then the gentleman asked, “Which flight are you on?” My sister mentioned the flight and the gentleman started ranting about different flights and how they deal with time. He said:“That’s why you should always fly emirate. We are always on time and treat our customers like kings and queens.” My sister asked: “You work with Emirates?” He said, “Yeah, I’m a cabin crew.”

His accent. He sounded like a Nigerian so I asked him, “Are you a Nigerian?” He said: “It looks like in Ghana a Nigerian can’t hide his identity.” We laughed. I said,: “It’s because of your accent.” He said, “I know.” And then he asked my name. I said, “Call me Lora.” He said: “I’m also Chinedu. We landed some hours ago. I’ll be here for a week until the next flight.” I’ve always wondered how people become cabin crew. What school do they go to and what do they do to qualify to become one. I started asking questions about his job and he was so willing to offer me every information I needed. Later he said: “I have to go. Here’s my card. Call me whenever you need information.”

I called him that same day thanking him for his kindness and his easy approach to life. I said: “Not all people in your position would be this kind.” He said: “We are all sons and daughters of the universe. We can’t treat each other with disrespect.” We talked. We texted. When he was leaving Ghana, he said goodbye to me. I asked: “Where is your next destination?” He said, “Abu Dhabi.” I said, “I envy your job.” He said, “When you finally get this job, you won’t envy it any longer.”

All he posted on his Whatsapp status were videos of Emirates. The next destination and videos of customer service while in the flight. I never stopped talking to him, always asking questions and telling him to send me videos. Some days, he’ll go off for a week. No post on WhatsApp or no message to me. He said: “The plane mode was made for people like us. So it’s normal when you don’t hear from me.” I Missed him while he was away. I wished he could always talk to me but his work didn’t allow that.

One day he posted on his status, “Next destination, Ghana.” I messaged him quickly: “When are you coming. What time and which hotel?” Next two days he called me: “Hey, I’m in town but for only three days.” That day I went to meet him at his hotel. Not any grand hotel. Just the normal hotel any ordinary guy could afford. I was taken aback a little. He said: “This is how we make money ooo. They give us money for five-star hotels but when we get here, we go for the hotels without a star so we can save the rest of the money.” I said: “You’re a true Nigerian. Always doing business.”

That day he proposed to me and I said yes. I mean what’s the use in playing hard to get when he’s everything you want, plus he has your dream job. The day before he leaves for his next destination, I spent the night with him. He served the best of drinks and ordered the best of meals. He said: “If you’re not comfortable in this hotel, we can go to Holiday Inn or Marriott.” I said: “Naa it’s perfect here.” That night nothing happened. At dawn, he was dressing up when I woke up. He said: “You had a good night?” I said: “Why not?” He said: “Too bad but time to go.“ I said, “I can understand.”

When he left, I didn’t hear from him for a week. When he finally contacted me, he said he misses me so much he couldn’t wait to see me. I said the same thing. Three weeks later, he was back in Ghana. We spent time together. A lot of things happened. It was a beautiful night laced with passion and love. From that day on, each time he was in Ghana, we spent time together. I started booking the hotels for him and deciding where we’ll stay for the time that he was here. I realised one thing, each time I booked the hotel with my money he didn’t pay it back before leaving. I couldn’t ask because I was shy.

One day he asked me to book the hotel and I told him I didn’t have money. He said: “No problem. When I come, I’ll call you so we go together and find a place.” I waited and waited and waited he didn’t call. His Nigerian line was off. His Ghana line too was off. Later he called to tell me his schedule changed so they went to South Africa instead of coming to Ghana. It was understandable. One month later he called that he was coming. I said okay. A day before he came, he called to tell me: “Can you send GHC2,000 to this number? I owe them some money. I will give it to you immediately I land.” I sent that amount to the number. I called the number to verify if they’ve received it and the line didn’t go through.

I called to tell him about it but his number too was off. He was supposed to come the next day but he didn’t. His number was also off. For two months I couldn’t reach him. One day I checked his Whatsapp and he had blocked me. My heart started beating fast. I started feeling dizzy. The money I sent wasn’t even mine. Why is this guy doing this to me? I tried all avenues to see him but to no avail. I knew no friend of his and knew no family of his. I accepted my loss but I haven’t given up the search for him.

Every now and then, I go to the airport, loiter around in hopes that I would find him but nothing happens. Two weeks ago I was at the restaurant we met. I sat there till late evening and I didn’t see him. Wherever that guy is, I know one day I would find him. The world looks like a big place but there’s no place for the evil person to hide. When I finally get hold of him, he’ll realise that I may look soft but on the inside, I’m a hard nut to crack. He can get away with everything we had but not my money.