John Dumelo
John Dumelo

Actor and politician, John Dumelo says if he’s elected into office as the Member of Parliament (MP) for Ayawaso West constituency, he will donate 50 per cent of his salary to aid youth development.

Mr Dumelo has shown vibrancy towards the ambition to win political power but some Ghanaians think he will change the moment he is sworn in.

One fan took to twitter and queried him saying, “John Dumelo you’re doing all these, what shows if you get power you continue to do this?”


Mr Dumelo in a riposte said, “If I don’t continue, who will vote after the next 4 years?….politics is service to the nation.”

But another fan thought this answer wasn’t enough, hence gave a follow up,

“Not. Best reply. That 4 years in office can create a generational fortune for you. Tell them if you don’t. In your first year they should take all your allowance and salaries and use to develop.”

The actor again replied: “That’s not a problem at all. That’s a very good suggestion. Here’s what I will do. I will donate 50% of my first year salary and bonuses as MP to the youth in Ayawaso West as development aid. I mean it.”

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