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A teacher claims she’s been sacked after a video of her stripping went viral on Instagram – attracting the attention of parents at her school.

Viktoria Kashirina, 23, says some of her students saw the video, which she posted on Instagram, which ultimately led to her being asked to leave her job.

News.com.au reports the “erotic” video showed the teacher performing a striptease until she was wearing only her underwear. Then she rolled around on the floor and on her bed while touching herself.

But Viktoria’s saucy content ended up being viewed by some of the wrong people, including parents of her pupils.

An offended mother of one of her Russian language and literature students complained to the school after seeing the video online.

Viktoria claims she was asked to leave her job shortly after the complaint was received.

The concerned mum reportedly wrote: “Please do not post such explicit videos, or close (your social media).”

She added: “My daughter watches this and you are clearly gaining kudos – but not as a teacher.”

Viktoria, who only qualified as a teacher recently, claims she offered to block the student in question so she wouldn’t see the racy clip, and has insisted she’s done nothing wrong by posting the video in the first place.

Speaking to Komsomolskaya Pravda, she said: “I have been pole dancing for several years and dreamt of making a video for a long time.”

She added the video was, obviously, not made and posted for the students, so when the concerned mum got in touch and demanded she remove the video, Viktoria decided to block both her and her daughter.

However, she claimed it was already “too late” to salvage her reputation as a teacher – as shortly after the exchange she was contacted by the school’s director who “demanded” she delete the video.

By now, Viktoria described the video as “spreading like wildfire among the parents.”

As the clip blew up and was shared around the parents, and students, in the school, the teacher claims her bosses decided to sack her, alleging she was told the content was against the school’s “moral principles.”

She said: “If you want to prove yourself (as an erotic dancer), we have the right not to follow this path. This is an excellent occasion to convey to all parents the moral principles that we adhere to.”

Although she claims to have been told she was dismissed, Viktoria has received no further notice about when her contract will be terminated and is currently still teaching classes online.

However, if and when the dismissal goes ahead, she has vowed to fight it, arguing she wasn’t told about any restrictions on her social media accounts when she was offered the teaching job.