Gospel musician MOG

Contemporary gospel musician, MOG Music has disclosed that growing up, it was his dream to become a footballer.

According to MOG Music, he loved the euphoria that comes with being a footballer.

Speaking on JoyNews’ E-Vibes with Becky, the “Be lifted” hitmaker said although he wanted to be a footballer, he did not even know how to play.

“I initially wanted to be a footballer. I don’t know how to play. I was always made to carry jerseys. I was carried away with the hype, the fun. You know the hype that comes with mentioning their names. It kind of got into my head as a child because I loved to be a footballer. Be on TV, let people see me so that was the dream, to be a footballer but music came in.”

According to him, he started developing interest in music because he was in church almost every time because of his mother.

I wanted to be a footballer  – MOG Music

“I grew up in a Methodist Church. My mom was in the church almost every day, so I grew up listening to choir rehearsals and all that kind of had an effect on me. I grew up playing the drums wondering how two legs and two hands do separate things at the same time. I was like I need to learn this thing.

“At a young age, I developed a heart for music and I started learning and that is how the journey began. So I started as a drummer, I did not start as a singer. It was one day in church, Sunday school service, that the person supposed to lead praise and worship could not make it. So the Sunday school teachers out of frustration were looking for somebody and I said I can try it. They gave me the opportunity,” he said.


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