I have been married for three years, and for those three years, I have been imprisoned by my conscience.

Before I met my husband, I was seeing my senior brother’s friend. He was very good to me so I did not hesitate to accept his proposal when he asked me out.

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I loved him so much and for fear of losing him, I decided to trap him with pregnancy so he marries me.

The first time we had sex, it was good. I decided to use that moment to trap him.

In the following month, I told him I was pregnant and that I was not going to abort it.

I told him to go and see my parents so he marries me but no! He wasn’t ready. I tried so hard but he wouldn’t listen.

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He wanted me to abort the pregnancy no matter the amount involved. I demanded for 5,000 cedis but he said he had only 3,000 cedis to give me.

I took the money and left. After the supposed abortion, I went back to him but he said he didn’t want me again anymore.

I lost a good relationship because of a lie I decided to tell and my quest for money.

I don’t know what led me into doing that but till today, I still live with that guilt and it hurts very badly.


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