Founder and Leader of God’s Crown Chapel, Prophet Reindolph Oduro Gyebi popularly known as Eagle Prophet has waded into the discussion concerning the recent collapse of banks in Ghana, attributing the problem to spiritual attacks.

He said he predicted the turmoil in the banking sectors almost two years ago.

Interacting with Ama Gyenfa Ofosu Darkwah on Atinka TV’s Ghana Nie Friday, the popular Prophet noted that the collapse of some of the banks in Ghana is an attack by spiritual forces to weaken the economy of Ghana.

To this, he said:” all these things happening in the banking sector is a fight on the economic level of Ghana and so we are praying that all the other banks will survive.”

He said he initially had wanted to keep silent on the matter but a Facebook post by a random person has triggered his response.


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Delving deeper, he said that the post in question had sought to attack men of God in Ghana that they couldn’t see through future on a national issue as such but they only prophesy the death of people.

In relation, he said: “I didn’t want to comment on this matter, but I want to correct this assertion by some Ghanaians that there are no genuine prophets in Ghana, I saw this thing coming but I didn’t want my media team to publish it…”

Speaking further, he said that he had earlier prophesied and met some of the managers of the collapsed banks, however, they treated the prophecy with contempt.

“I went to some of the managers of these banks to caution them on what I had seen concerning their bank, but they refused to pay heed to the prophecy… I told them that if there’s anything physical they are not doing right in the administration of their banks, they should correct all their wrongs.” He said.

“They later came to me to help them in prayers to avert the collapse of the bank, but it was too late…but I told them that we can only pray for the other banks who are currently functioning not to suffer the same fate,” he said.

He noted that these managers later sought for his spiritual direction to avert the situation of which he said that it had become late at the time.
He thus put across that if several prayers are not offered for some of the locally owned banks, they will soon go down.

He, however, pleaded with the populace to exercise patience in demanding their monies from savings and loans companies like the First Allied Savings and Loans, Midland Savings and Loans because they are working tirelessly to sustain their banks.


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