Mzbel slams Abeiku Santana

Controversial songstress Mzbel has taken to social media to share her post-childbirth challenges and seek advice from fellow mothers.

The mother-of-two recently gave birth to her second child, Ohemaa, and is experiencing intense lower back pain, a phenomenon she did not encounter during her first pregnancy.

Mzbel disclosed she is uncertain if the pain has possible connection to her caesarean session.

Despite having a smooth birth with her firstborn, Okomfo Black, Mzbel said she is enduring a different postpartum experience with Ohemaa.

In her call for help, Mzbel reached out to other mothers who underwent caesarean sections, asking whether they encountered similar challenges.

The post garnered responses from various mothers, with some sharing their own encounters with postpartum pain and others offering words of comfort.

Nonetheless, Mzbel is enjoying her childbirth journey and she is absolutely smitten by her daughter.