When Winfred Narh, an 18-year-old graduate of Tema Technical School was preparing to go for the 31st Night vigil like any other Christian, he had high hopes for the year ahead of him – 2020.

Little did he know that those hopes will give way to excruciating pain for himself and his entire household, he narrated to Adomonline.com from his Tema Newtown home.

“After the watchnight service, I started experiencing pain in my leg so my father decided to give it a massage but the pain got worse,” Winfred narrated to Adom FM’s OPD.

“Then the leg started swelling so we decided to seek medical attention at the Tema General Hospital,” he added.

WASSCE graduate suffering bone cancer calls for help

It was at the Tema General Hospital that Winfred and his father were hit with the heart-wrenching news that any 18-year-old could ever have – diagnoses had shown that he had developed a cancer of the bone.

He was given two options by doctors, both of which are like being placed in the middle of the devil and the deep blue sea – get his legs amputated or organize GHS 50,000 for an immediate surgery.

Obviously, Wilfred can’t opt for an amputation but that isn’t really the problem.

It’s been almost a year since the diagnosis and his family hasn’t been able to raise the GHS 50,000 needed for the surgery.

WASSCE graduate suffering bone cancer calls for help

Every day is a nightmare for Winfred as his legs keep expanding being comprehension.

“I cannot move without clutches and when I have to take my bath, it’s a struggle as I can only do so from a sitting position,” he said of his daily plight.

Winfred needs help to prevent the worse from happenings and as the father said in the attached video, all we need is GHS 50,000.

Watch Winfred narrate his story in the video below: