A man said that he hid his girlfriend’s high heels – because she was taller than him and he didn’t want to look short at his sister’s wedding.

Sharing his story anonymously, the man said he wasn’t proud of the fact but felt like he had no option – and wanted to tell his story to get it off his chest.

He said his sister’s wedding was coming up and his girlfriend of six months had been invited, and when they were planning what to wear she revealed she would be wearing a very high pair of heels.

He asked her not to wear them but she refused, so on the day he decided to hide the shoes to avoid embarrassment – and when his girlfriend she was furious.

A woman putting on heels
The woman was furious at her partner when he confessed ( Image: Getty Images)

Taking to Reddit, the man explained that he and his girlfriend would be in the wedding photos, so he asked her to wear flat shoes so they would be closer in height.

He said: “She called me silly and brushed off my concerns which was not appreciated.

“The day of the wedding I hid her pair of high heels. She tried looking for them and really seemed to think something strange happened.

“I started telling her to hurry up so we could get to the venue on time and she ended up wearing flat sandals as a replacement.

“Everything went well, and I gave her high heels back once we got home. She was shocked when she saw me holding them.

“I admitted hiding them and she got mad at me and said that I shouldn’t have done that and forced her to wear sandals that completely didn’t match with the dress.

“She kept saying I got what I wanted but she will forever look awkward in those photos wearing those sandals.

“I do think she had every reason to be upset with me but what was I supposed to do after I made my wishes clear and she brushed them off knowing full well how I felt about those high heels.”

Soon the man was inundated with comments from other Reddit users, all of whom seemed to agree he was in the wrong for what he did.

One said: “You deal with your insecurities yourself. After being told no, you don’t get to force her to do what you want. Your feelings are not more important than hers.”

Another said: “Don’t date people taller than you if you can’t handle it, you’re literally wasting her time with this relationship.”

Then a third added: “I am a 5′ 7″ guy. If some woman wanted to wear heels, who cares? You shouldn’t be judged on your height, and you’re the only one doing so in this situation.”