File photo: Crime

A farmer, Stephen John, has revealed he derives so much pleasure in raping old women in their farms in Ore, Ondo State.

The farmer was arrested by police detectives in the state after he raped a lady who was sent on an errand by her mother.

He reportedly grabbed the victim and dragged her into the bush where he had carnal knowledge of her at about 7:00 am.

State police commissioner, Bolaji Salami, described the suspect as a serial rapist, adding that he ambushed and raped women in their farms within Ore axis.

On August 5, it was reported that the mother of the victim filed a report at the police station as to how Stephen defiled her daughter.

Following her report, the suspect was arrested and three other victims reported that he had raped them at their different farmlands using a cutlass to frighten them into submission.

In an interview with Vanguard News, he said he enjoyed raping them in their farms.

“You know that old women don’t have the strength to struggle with me and they can’t shout much and the farm is usually a lonely place,” he said.

When asked why he opted for a younger girl this time, which exposed him, the suspect said he was pressed and when he waited endlessly and couldn’t find his choice, he took advantage of the younger lady who walked into his hands.