The conversation on mental health is currently being heightened and many victims are now comfortable opening up on their struggles.

Many notable personalities including MzVee, Abena Korkor, Funny Face, Christabel Ekeh, Okomfour Kwadee and many others have detailed their struggles with depression and other mental health issues.

Like ‘ordinary’ humans, their status did not save them from having their fair share of trauma, and this also applies to musician Adomaa who has gone vocal about her ordeal.

She revealed in a latest interview on Asaase Radio monitored by that she called her music career quit after her mental health issues put her in a “very very dark place”.

Music was not originally her ‘calling’ but after an afterthought when her song cover broke the internet.

It is for this reason, she said she could not handle the pressure that came with being a songstress, a situation she said worsened her social anxiety and brought forth panic attacks.

She described the whole music presence as she “just learnt to crawl and I am being told to run and I am trying to keep up and I just wanted to slow down but you just can’t slow down”.

Without the option of walking away, Adomaa said internally, she had hot blowouts with her team and would even get violent and throw things at her members.

Her personal issues did not also help matters and she gradually slid into an advanced stage of depression that almost caused her to take her life.

“It was really bad. I started to have proper panic attacks; physically can’t breathe, my heart starts beating extremely fast like there is air but I can’t breathe and my brain is just saying you are going to die.

“I am not proud of it but once I did attempt suicide at a point. I was really going through it at that time and that is how come I lost an incredible amount of weight at a very short time”.

However, her beacon of hope came in a form of therapy and acting, which Adomaa has been pursuing professionally for some time now.

She is positive acting put her in a better place.