Tantric sex might be what you need to spice up your sex life.

Tantric sex comes from ancient Hindu practices of tantra. Pornography paints sex as something quick, fast and rough but it does not have to be this way. It can be a deep and meaningful connection.

Tantric sex is slow meditative sex that does not focus on orgasm but on enjoying the sexual journey and paying attention to how you feel. Putting orgasm at the front of a sexual encounter makes it shallow. Tantric sex focus on healing the body, understanding it better and honouring each other’s bodies.

Dim the light to create a sexy atmosphere or use some candles.

Start with a full body with some oils. This will turn you both on and make you understand your partner’s body better.

Adopt a hand-on-heart position. Sit opposite each other To gain a deep connection, couples should sit facing each other in a cross-legged position.

Place your right hands on your partner and synchronize breathing.

Be open and do what feels right at the moment.

Stare deeply into each other’s eyes to establish a connection.

Take things slowly, it is about meditation and enjoying every single sensation. Everything must be slow, even penetration and kisses. Plus, both parties must enjoy themselves.

Breathing is also very important since meditation is essential. Take a deep breath through the diaphragm, and excel through the nose and mouth for five seconds each.