Ghanaian actress Janet Ackom
Ghanaian actress Janet Ackom

Veteran actress of ‘Obra’ fame, Janet Ackom has revealed details about her romantic relationship with the late celebrated actor, Asonaba Kwaku Darko, also known as Super OD.

In an interview, she shared insights into their decade-long relationship, shedding light on their deep connection.

Known affectionately as Mama Jane, she disclosed that their initial encounter took an unexpected turn when Super OD drugged and slept with her without consent.

“Super OD and I were in a relationship for a decade. I recall a time when we went to a hotel at 21, I opted for a Fanta, oblivious to the fact that OD had tampered with my drink. I lost consciousness, only to realize later that he had slept with me” she recounted.

After this, Mama Jane said OD warned her not to go into a relationship with anyone else.

“He made it clear that I was to reject advances from other men, particularly our colleagues, threatening physical harm and professional repercussions if I disobeyed,” she recounted.

Despite the rocky start, Mama Jane said her relationship with Super OD had a positive impact on her life in various ways.

Following their separation, she eventually married another man, with whom she has two children.