The New Force spokesperson, Shalimar Abbiusi.

Nana Kwame Bediako, the visionary leader of The New Force movement and a hopeful candidate for the presidency, recently shed light on how Shalimar Abbiusi, a Belgian national, assumed the role of the group’s spokesperson.

During an interview on TV3, Nana Bediako revealed that Ms Abbiusi had been residing in Ghana for approximately three years, engaging in roles as a TV presenter and a model.

Their paths crossed during a visit to Mepe in the Volta region, where they were providing aid to victims of floods caused by the Volta River Authority (VRA).

“I encountered Shalimar in Mepe, and it was only then that I got to know her. She had been actively contributing to the community as a TV presenter and model for three years before our paths crossed. We struck up a conversation during our relief efforts in Mepe, and she expressed her willingness to contribute to our cause,” Nana Bediako explained.

He went on to clarify that Shalimar Abbiusi willingly volunteered to become the spokesperson for The New Force movement, showcasing her commitment to their shared goals.

Nana Bediako acknowledged the challenges in finding a suitable spokesperson for the movement, stating, “In the initial stages of The New Force, when we wore masks, we approached numerous individuals to take on the role of spokesperson. Unfortunately, many were hesitant and fearful. They were unwilling to reveal their identities or feared potential repercussions, hindering our progress.”

Taking the opportunity to address Ghanaians, the Presidential aspirant emphasized that the doors of The New Force movement are open to all who wish to join.

He reassured potential members that fear of reprisal or concerns about being associated with the movement during a time when he was not in power should not deter them, emphasizing the inclusivity of the movement.